Registered Massage Therapist
Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences
Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
about robert

Robert Stevens graduated from Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences in 2004, and was Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in January of 2005. Robert is dedicated to working with his patients. He enjoys resolving the problems clients are faced with in their daily lives. Whether it be from work related problems, to the weekend warriors that are out there, or from mishaps that can cause tremendous amounts of discomfort or pain. In 2010 Robert got to fulfil one of his dreams in the profession of Massage Therapy, he started teaching the Massage Therapy program at Royal Canadian College in Toronto. Which means he is used to answering a lot of questions while being able to keep working on the task at hand. Robert has additional qualifications, with Pregnancy Massage. With the Trimesters (pregnancy) course he did a placement at Woman College Hospital, in the High Risk Pregnancy ward, which he found was a fantastic opportunity. Robert takes pride in his professionalism and his attention to details when it comes to patient care. Robert enjoys problem solving which is a big asset in working with the human body. Robert always tries to find the root cause of your pain so that the problem can be resolved rather than just working on the symptoms. So whether you are suffering from a long standing issue, or something you "picked up" on the weekend, Robert is more than willing to put his skills to the test and attempt to help you through whatever comes your way!